Facebook Is Getting Ready To Launch A Dating Platform

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces a new dating feature is coming to the social media site

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces a new dating feature is coming to the social media site

The announcement of Facebook's new dating feature comes at a time when one in three marriages in the US start out online, according to a report cited by Facebook in its press release. And it turns out that it quietly made significant hire to help build it.

On the other hand, Facebook touts that it always wants to remain free, meaning it'll open up its product for advertisers and developers to make money out of your data.

His LinkedIn profile notes that he joined Facebook in August 2017.

For a long time, Facebook's motto has been "move fast and break things".
Seems like it's meant to be the best of both worlds from online dating and Tinder/Bumble-style apps. If you are having any doubts about sharing your family photos or recent locations with Facebook, why not delve deeper and also share intimate details of your love life with them?

But his expertise lies squarely in building matchmaking algorithms. We all know how he booted Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, from the company. On Tuesday, the social network announced it has started a matchmaking service. Those patents are all owned by eHarmony. Only about 41 percent of those 65 and older appear to be Facebook users, and all of the age groups are far less likely to use Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, pretty much, although not purely, in that order. It's like going for one of those weddings where you have so many dishes on the buffet that you don't feel like eating any. "We're surprised at the timing given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory", said Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg in reference to the data scandal in which Facebook is now involved.

Facebook product chief Chris Cox shed some more light on the new dating features.

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There are 200 million people on Facebook who are listed as single.

Zuckerberg continued talking about how everyone at Facebook is focusing on the future and how the company's main goal is to make the world smaller by connecting people in more meaningful ways. Dating in the digital age is hard, not because there are no choices, but because there are too many. The feature is opt-in and users will not be matched with people they are already friends with, according to Facebook.

Messaging with Facebook Dating is kept separate from Messenger and WhatsApp.

As in, it's creating a "dating feature".

With all that going on, why did Facebook decide to now release a dating service asking for more information?

Last year, his former employer eHarmony divested a business that Carter had developed called Elevated Careers, which was acquired by a startup called Candidate.Guru.

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It lets an employer assess a potential employee's compatibility by matching up attributes of the candidate's personality and values to those of his/her potential manager, as well as to the hiring organization's culture.

If finding a match on a matrimony site is step one towards marital bliss, then stalking them on Facebook is the second and more elaborate and the most inevitable follow-up.

The biggest concern that people have expressed since the announcement of Facebook Dating is the fact that Facebook is in a bad position right now to release this service.

But a few hires stand out. Although Facebook has positioned these endeavors as just adding utility for users, they've been part of a broader effort to get people spending as much time as possible on Facebook.

A third new feature will be the clear history feature. People typically form relationships based on shared interests.

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