'Smallville' actress, alleged sex cult leader back in court

Smallville’ star Allison Mack appears in court for alleged role in sex cult

Modal Trigger Allison Mack arrives with her lawyers at federal court in Brooklyn. Reuters

Actress Allison Mack, center, leaves court with her legal team at Brooklyn Federal Court, Friday May 4, 2018, in NY. The criminal complaint also notes members had to provide collateral to Mack and Raniere which included nude photos, personal information about friends and families, as well as even rights to certain assets they held.

Mack, who played Clark Kent's pal Chloe Sullivan in the "Smallville" TV series, is charged with recruiting the women and grooming them for sex with Raniere. One of the most notable things coming from the court appearance is that more people may be facing charges. Prominent backers of NXIVM have said they were in the dark about allegations by women who had defected from the group that they were forced to have sex with Raniere. Mack herself was arrested and charged in April and was released on a $5 million bond, under the conditions that she remains under house arrest and refrains from speaking with or seeing anyone involved in the group.

Assistant US attorney Moira Penza told the judge the government plans to file a new indictment naming more defendants, but he didn't go into specifics. Along with the deal for Mack to be released under house arrest, Page Six reported that Mack's lawyers "have been in plea talks on the sex-trafficking and forced-labor conspiracy charges against her".

Mack served as Raniere's lieutenant, and pimp, who presented the cult "as a women's empowerment group or sorority", according to prosecutors.

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A trial date has been set for October 1 on charges of sex trafficking. Since the arrests, more and more women have come forward, detailing the horrific abuses they were subjected to.

The leaders of an alleged cult, based in the Capital Region, appeared again in court Friday.

Raniere's lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, previously said his client is innocent. Asked why, she said, "Because I left".

"It's terrorism by litigation", Natalie, 59, said.

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Outside court, he told reporters that Raniere would beat the case because "the truth is on our side". From there, Mack has several slaves of her own who are then ordered to recruit a group of slaves themselves, and it spreads down from there like a pyramid scheme. "I think what you're going to see is that a lot of adult, strong-minded, free-willed women made decisions for their own lives and made their own choices and that's what the evidence is going to show soundly".

Mack's lawyers declined to comment.

Before court began, she sat on a back bench in the spectators' area of the courtroom, alternately crying and laughing with her lawyers.

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