U.S. intercepts Russian jets near Alaska

US Air Force stealth fighter jets intercept 2 Russian nuclear-capable bombers off Alaska coast

US Air Force stealth fighter jets intercept 2 Russian nuclear-capable bombers off Alaska coast

Russia's state-run news agency TASS said the USA jets did not come within "100 metres" of the Russian aircraft.

Russian long-range combers got into the Air Defense Identification Zone which extends for around 200 miles from Alaska's western coast.

Scott Miller, representing the North American Command aerospace forces (NORAD), said that identifying and subsequent interception of bombers model Tu-95 is necessitated by the occurrence aircraft in the area of responsibility of NORAD.

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Encounters between Russian warplanes and US fighter planes have become more frequent in recent years, as Russia seeks to make a display of its military strength. The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss that portion of the intercept.

A clash of some sort occurred off the coast of Alaska when two USA fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers in its worldwide airspace.

Russian bombers TU-95 and TU-142 were escorted by two F-22 fighter jets in worldwide airspace for 40 minutes, the RIA news agency cited the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Saturday.

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According to authorities, the interception occurred in worldwide airspace near the West coast of Alaska North of the Aleutian Islands.

It is the first incident of the kind since United States jets intercepted Russian aircraft over a year ago on May 3, 2017.

CNN reports that two Russian TU-95 "Bear" bombers were intercepted and turned back by US F-22 stealth fighters around 10 a.m. eastern time Friday morning.

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The intercept was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon. The Russian Sukhoi Su-27 jet came within 20 feet of the American P-8 Poseidon in worldwide airspace.

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