Biologist, 104, ends life to Beethoven's Ode To Joy

104yo David Goodall at home

David Goodall says thinking about death doesn't make him sad

"One wants to, at my age, even rather less than my age... to be free to choose death when the death is at an appropriate time", Goodall said during his final public appearance.

He was asked about his last meal.

Goodall said he had no doubts over his chosen course of action and was grateful for the opportunity to "come to an end gracefully".

Yesterday, while wearing a jumper with the words "Aging Disgracefully", he told a news conference: "There are many things I would like to do, but it's too late".

Shortly before his death, he said he was "happy to end" his life.

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Sky's Michelle Clifford said she could hear Beethoven's 9th Symphony coming from the room where he was being helped to die.

Goodall arranged a fast-track appointment with Life Circle clinic after telling them he "deeply regretted" living as long as he had. Australian law now forbids medically assisted suicide.

OR has seen many abuses since since its legalization of assisted suicide, such as cases of pills changing hands, either intentionally or unknowingly, with lethal results.

Terminal illness is "the wedge issue that most people can agree on, that opens the door", he said.

Goodall was born 4 April 1914 in London, and in 1948 moved to Australia.

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Goodall was a father of four and a grandfather of 12 and was married three times. The family is scattered around the world. "It was a wonderful experience to know him and be so intimately involved in his final weeks of life, especially after David's 20 odd years of membership of Exit International".

He unsuccessfully tried to take his life earlier this year and had a fall at his home in Perth.

Professor Goodall travelled to Switzerland in order to undergo legal voluntary euthanasia, a decision which sparked media attention and continued an ongoing argument to legalise a sufferer's right to die on their own terms here in Australia.

Physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia remains illegal in many countries, including Australia, though the state of Victoria became the first to pass a euthanasia bill last November to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives.

The 104-year-old ended his life by taking the lethal drug Nembutal intravenously. American guitarist Jimi Hendrix died of a similar overdose in 1970.

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Goodall told CNN he would have preferred to have died when he lost his driver's license in 1998, adding that the loss of independence at 84 was a big moment in his life. The number is at least ten times higher for Britons.

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