Eurovision 2018: protestor storms stage during United Kingdom singer SuRie's performance

Eurovision 2018

Eurovision 2018 Grand Final kicks off in Portugal

The bookmakers' favorites this year are: Israel's Netta Barzilai, with her playful song "Toy"; Cypriot singer Eleni Foureira, with her fiery performance of "Fuego"; and France's Madame Monsieur with the politically charged "Mercy", about migrants who risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean on unsafe boats hoping for a better life in Europe.

Highlights will undoubtedly include Denmark's red-bearded Rasmussen, whose song is based on a legend about a Viking who refused to fight, and a special dress worn by Estonian soprano Elina Nechayeva which flows down from her waist, beyond her feet and out across the stage.

"I am so happy. Thank you for celebrating diversity!"

The 25-year-old accompanied the up-tempo song with trills, clucking sounds and chicken-like dance moves.

U.S. intercepts Russian jets near Alaska
It is the first incident of the kind since United States jets intercepted Russian aircraft over a year ago on May 3, 2017. Russia's state-run news agency TASS said the USA jets did not come within "100 metres" of the Russian aircraft.

Despite an ever-increasing number of TV music contests such as Pop Idol, fans say the show - the longest-running worldwide TV competition according to Guinness World Records - is in a category of its own.

Unable to vote for Mauboy, Australia gave its 12 votes to Sweden with many enjoying Benjamin Ingrosso's upbeat number Dance You Off. But she's also been buoyed up by how well her song has gone down with most of the Eurovision supporters in Lisbon singing along when she performs it.

"Who can blame her?" Three consecutive wins, which ensured that they became the host nation for the contest three times in a row.

SuRie was singing the United Kingdom entry "Storm" when a man ran onstage and grabbed the microphone.

Carney - rates likely to rise over the next year
The announcement comes just weeks after observers seemed nearly unanimous in their predictions of a May rise in interest rates. The MPC forecast GDP growth averaging 1.75 percent for each of the years up to 2020.

The singer kept her composure to finish her song, Storm, which was written by Brisbane songwriter Nicole Blair.

Wearing the same short purple dress she wore in the semi-final, Mauboy was the 16th performer out of a total 26 countries competing, with some of the hot favourites, Cyprus, Israel and Ireland still to perform.

There was much support on social media for the singer's calm reaction to the drama and she finished 24th in the rankings.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak banned from leaving Malaysia
He was spurred out of retirement by allegations that Najib oversaw the wide-scale looting of sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. Anwar is in custody on charges of sodomy and corruption and can not take any office until he is pardoned and released.

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