Iran warns of reprisal if U.S. doesn't compensate

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Iran warns of reprisal if U.S. doesn't compensate

"Policies of @realDonaldTrump on #IranDeal and trade will meet a united European approach".

The Iran nuclear agreement, also known as the JCPOA was signed in 2015 by China, Germany, France, Russia, UK and USA - a deal created to stop Iran from developing their nuclear arsenal in exchange for the removal of U.S. sanctions.

While Trump's move on Tuesday ratcheted up regional tensions and widened a rift with United States allies in Europe, no one is predicting an American invasion of Iran. I have long feared that this deal would make Americans less safe.

However, for this to work, Trump needs to come up with a Plan B to stopping Iran and put one on the table soon.

The U.S.'s allies, however, didn't seem to share grave concerns of the U.S. president, and strongly criticized the decision - not only for breaking an agreement, but also for risking the stability of the region.

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The power was always there-even when Susan Rice was in the White House. "How the United States imposes and enforces sanctions could set up a showdown with the United States" European partners who have said they will continue to abide by the agreement. "We saw the reversal of vows and lies and conspiracy from the untrusting Iranian regime". Germany and France have significant trade links with Iran, as does Britain.

We will be putting on among the strongest sanctions that we've ever put on a country, and they're going into effect very shortly.

A number of French companies, including Airbus, Renault and Peugeot, have signed agreements with Iran since the nuclear deal.

In a speech on Tuesday, Trump said the nuclear deal would allow Iran to enrich uranium to "reach the brink of a nuclear breakout". These two issues will nearly certainly prove to be closely intertwined. It was those sanctions that forced Iran - facing a cash crunch - into negotiations in 2013, which ultimately produced the nuclear deal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has successfully hoodwinked Trump into believing the misleading "intelligence" that Israel had gathered about Iran's nuclearisation efforts.

The American withdrawal from the nuclear accord is considered a serious political blow to Hassan Rouhani, Iran's president, who had promised that the agreement would end the country's prolonged isolation and economic travails.

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"Everything depends on our national interests", Rouhani was quoted as saying. When the Iranian regime feels secure, it gets more aggressive. But its regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Israel applauded the USA move. What that might entail exactly is unclear, but administration officials have often expressed frustration that Iran retained any enrichment capacity and that the deal did not include constraints on Iran's ballistic missile development.

Both of the regional allies to the USA were naturally quick to weigh in on Trump's announcement.

At the same time, the government said it has tasked the president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran with "taking all necessary steps in preparation for Iran to pursue industrial-scale enrichment without any restrictions, using the results of the latest research and development of Iran's courageous nuclear scientists".

They could hold a public centrifuge spin with "Death to America" banners this weekend. Trump's own secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said as much just last month.

The expectation by US officials that Iran will continue to follow the agreement may be feeding suspicions among hard-liners in Iran who argue against continuing to honor the nuclear deal or making any more agreements with the United States and its allies.

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