Green Beret Live-Streams Waterboarding to Back Gina Haspel for Central Intelligence Agency

Gina Haspel's torture stance makes her unfit to lead CIA, says John McCain

Haspel defends torture of terrorism suspects

As a Senate staffer involved in establishing the first postwar congressional oversight over US intelligence agencies, it has been astounding to observe Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) not only bury the full Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA's torture program - but then lead a shuttered confirmation process for a new CIA director who was intimately involved in running the program.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, one of Gina Haspel's most vocal opponents in the confirmation process is fellow Kentuckian Rand Paul.

Haspel faced intense questioning from lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week over her time at the Central Intelligence Agency when it used "enhanced interrogation methods" like waterboarding following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

She said she would not restart the "enhanced" interrogation program, even if Trump, who said during the campaign he might bring back waterboarding, ordered her to do so.

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"I had a tough, frank and extensive discussion with Ms. Haspel on a wide range of topics".

"I believe she has learned from the past", he said, also citing the "strong support of both her colleagues at the agency and former CIA directors [Michael] Hayden, [Leon] Panetta and [John] Brennan, who served under Presidents Bush and Obama". She would replace Mike Pompeo, who was confirmed by the Senate as the new secretary of State.

"Torture is contrary to America's principles and fundamentally undercuts our moral authority on human rights". Joe Manchin of West Virginia as the only two Democrats to support Haspel. McCain, who is battling stage IV brain cancer from his home in Arizona, is a former prisoner of war who was tortured by his Vietnamese captors in the 1960s and '70s. Republicans hold a 51-49 majority and have Vice-President Mike Pence to break any tie.

Donnelly shared a few sentences about why he has chosen to support Haspel for CIA Director on Saturday.

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Trump, who was joined at the rally by Vice President Mike Pence, a former IN governor, urged GOP voters to mobilize and prevent Democrats from regaining control of Congress. During her time under Bush, she participated in the interrogation program that the George W. Bush administration rolled out after 911.

Haspel's chances of winning confirmation improved following a hearing that, while contentious, featured no major missteps by the nominee. And in 2005, under her boss's direction, she drafted a cable ordering the agency to destroy more than 90 videotapes of its interrogation of that man.

But it isn't just Democrats who have expressed opposition to Haspel.

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