Israel prepares for inauguration of new United States embassy in Jerusalem

Image      Donald Trump is glorified on the streets of Jerusalem

Image Donald Trump is glorified on the streets of Jerusalem

Palestinians claim that almost 1,000 protesters have been injured so far.

The Israeli military says its troops are defending the border and firing in accordance with the rules of engagement.

The Trump administration bypassed years of costly construction on a new embassy by repurposing an existing consular building.

The embassy's move from Tel Aviv is being celebrated by Israel but has triggered overwhelming global opposition.

The demonstrations, led by Gaza's Islamist rulers, Hamas, faced stiff opposition from Israeli forces early Monday.

Gaza residents streamed to the border area on Monday for what is meant to be the largest protest yet against a decade-old blockade of the territory.

More than 91 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since protests and clashes began along the Gaza border on March 30.

The embassy move will take place on the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding.

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He further disclosed that if approved by both the Israelis and the Palestinians, the U.S. would support a two-state solution.

Hamas has signaled that large crowds, numbering perhaps in the thousands, might try to break through the border fence to realize the "right of return" to lost homes.

The date of the inauguration is deeply symbolic to both Israelis and Palestinians. One of the minors was identified as a girl and another was identified as a 14-year-old.

United States officials insisted on Sunday that they could still push forward the troubled Israeli-Palestinian peace process despite outrage across the Arab world over the opening of the new embassy.

Reversing decades of USA policy, President Donald Trump announced his decision to move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on December 6, 2017.

At the protest sites, families sat in the shade of tents almost 800 metres (yards) from the border fence. A reporter saw two men who tried to advance further being shot in the legs by Israeli troops. Clouds of black smoke from tyres set alight by demonstrators rose in the air.

Leaflets dropped over Gaza by army jets warned that those approaching the border "jeopardize" their lives. In addition, IDF soldiers have been instructed to shoot to eliminate any person who attempts to damage or cross the border fence.

Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said it is a proud moment for the US and Israel.

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The United States is due to open its new embassy in Jerusalem - known as Al-Quds in Iran - later on Monday amid widespread Palestinian anger and praise from Israelis. Previous presidents had signed a waiver postponing the move, citing national security.

Mr Bolton meanwhile said the opening of the embassy in a city which the Palestinians also want to make the capital of their promised future state would actually enhance the prospects of peace.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas halted ties with the Trump administration and declared it unfit to remain in its role as the sole mediator in peace talks.

On December 25, 2017, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced that his country would move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Mr Erekat said the United States administration has "become part of the problem, not part of the solution".

Never mind that the political reality brought on by Trump's unilateral recognition, embodied by the embassy opening this afternoon, is surely that the two-state solution is in the deep freeze.

"It seems to me that the Palestinians have decided that the U.S. is no longer an honest broker in the MidEast peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis", he said, adding that it will likely lead to further Palestinian rage and resistance. The embassy move, Buttu said, was "making it worse because it's going to embolden the extreme right in Israel".

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