Democrats say briefings did not support Trump's claim of FBI 'spy'

The mess Rod Rosenstein made

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For months, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, and other Trump allies in Congress had been really pressing the Justice Department and the FBI for some very, very sensitive materials related to the Russian Federation investigation.

Meadows proceeded to outline why the informant's intel was not used to inform the Trump campaign of the potential Russian meddling, as opposed to be used to open an FBI investigation after the fact. That controversy, though, quickly gave way to a new one, when Flood was spotted leaving the Justice Department after the first meeting had ended. It's happened time and again, with Trump saying that something that didn't happen actually did and his allies scrambling for scraps of evidence that suggest it might have. Halper and Papadopoulos met "several times in mid-September 2016", according to "The Daily Caller".

While Yates would not comment on the allegations of spying, deferring comment on the investigation to the Justice Department and FBI, she said she was confident the investigation would bear out the truth. "A confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially, in other words, spying". He said the effort was to protect the USA political system and "protect the campaign". Some conservative outlets have identified him by name, however.

Giuliani said that if the alleged spying turns out to have been "inappropriate", then "we may have an entirely illegitimate investigation", referring to the Mueller probe. The Times reported that he is "well known in Washington circles" and served under previous Republican administrations.

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TRUMP tweet: "Clapper has now admitted that there was Spying in my campaign". Nevertheless, the White House first will go ahead with a planned Republican-only briefing.

And late Sunday, we learned that the Justice Department has given in to Trump's demand and ordered its inspector general to investigate whether the FBI improperly investigated Trump's campaign. This appears to be the beginning of the current fight. He added that he's not as comfortable with the topic of obstruction because "it's matter of interpretation", including Trump's comments on firing Comey previous year as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When that testimony became public on January 9, sources from Fusion GPS told NBC News that Simpson had misspoken in his testimony and the "human source" was actually just an Australian diplomat who once had drinks with Papadopoulos and not anyone within the Trump organization.

"Can anyone even imagine having Spies placed in a competing campaign, by the people and party in absolute power, for the sole goal of political advantage and gain?" he wrote. The White House provided no evidence to support Trump's claim that President Barack Obama's administration was trying to spy on his 2016 campaign for political reasons. Mueller took over the investigation when he was appointed special counsel in May 2017.

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Trump has never presented any concrete evidence to back up these claims. Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to demand the Justice Department investigate the FBI's use of a confidential source - a step some of his outside advisers had been encouraging him to take.

In response to the tweet, the Justice Department immediately asked its inspector general to expand its ongoing investigation to look into whether there was any politically motivated surveillance of the campaign and agreed to hold the classified briefings. "They could have been more overt or direct, but that would have raised questions for the public or the media".

So far, 19 people, including Trump's former campaign chairman and former national security adviser, have been charged in Mueller's investigation.

While there is no constitutional provision that says the president's personal lawyer can not make a statement at a classified briefing, legal scholars expressed misgivings.

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