Iran should have no military presence in Syria: Netanyahu

Zachary who has been missing in action since 1982

Zachary who has been missing in action since 1982

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday said all non-Syrian forces should withdraw from southwestern Syria as soon as possible, echoing his calls from earlier this week in an attempt to cool tensions between Israel and Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will seek support from European powers for his position that Iran should be denied any military presence in Syria. "We are countering the Iranian military buildup in Syria that targets us and we are also acting against the [attempts to] transfer unsafe weapons from Syria to Lebanon", Netanyahu stated at the beginning of this week's government meeting.

"The main focus our security system was, and still is, the expansion of Iran and it proxies in Syria", he said.

The announcement came as it was reported that Syrian government forces were being sent to the area in preparation for an offensive.

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Southern Syria is of concern to the United States, which previous year brokered a "de-escalation" deal with Jordan and Russian Federation that has largely contained the war near the frontier with Israel.

The territory is covered by a ceasefire agreement signed previous year between the US, Russia and neighbouring Jordan.

The US warned it would take "firm and appropriate measures" in response to any violations of that ceasefire. They may also discuss ways the USA and Israeli armed forces can work together to defeat Iran militarily.

"However after all the Syrian authorities all the time prefers an settlement over a army operation", he mentioned.

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Jordan has always been anxious about the presence of Iranian-backed militias along its border, as has Israel.

Rebels hold stretches of that area and intensive Israeli airstrikes in Syria this month were prompted by what Israel said was Iranian rocket fire from the area into the Golan Heights.

Jordanian officials served as mediator, shuttling messages between the two rooms, according to the report.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out several aerial raids on Iranian targets in Syria, and is suspected of carrying out several more, the most recent last week, when a military air base in western Syria was hit in an airstrike.

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