Trump Points Out Bias Exposed in Twitter Fiasco by Prominent Liberals

$5,000 gown hours after her father announced his immigration ban in January 2017

President chides Dems for blaming his administration for kids in cages

The Bush and Obama administrations did use prosecutions against some adult illegal immigrants to fight back against surges of illegal immigration.

The president already responded - laying the blame at the foot of democrats.

Trump, who serves as an adviser to her father, President Donald Trump, has not spoken out about the policy. But they don't support the president's claims.

GOP leaders are already anxious the ongoing effort by moderates to force a House vote on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, a program Trump moved to end past year but has been kept alive by the courts, will depress base turnout.

But alas, many Trump foes quickly conflated everything to reach the erroneous conclusion that the government had lost 1,500 children taken from their parents at the border.

Many tweets used the hashtag "WhereAreOurChildren", which grew out of testimony in April by a federal official that the us government had lost track of almost 1,500 unaccompanied minor children it placed with adult sponsors in the U.S.

The New York Times misreported Saturday that the Trump administration "lost track of almost 1,500 migrant children" then followed upon Monday, not with a correction or apology, but by accusing President Trump with "spreading wrong information" about federal authorities ripping children from their parents' arms at the border, and then losing them.

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-"What is more shameful than forcibly separating, in America, parents from infant children at the border?" We break down what those issues are and what it all means.

The president implied that children were being separated from their parents at the border because of a law enacted by Democrats. Are those some of these same unaccompanied minors?

The administration has made no secret of the fact that it hopes the likelihood that families will be broken up will deter undocumented migration. That policy, embraced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would enforce criminal charges against people crossing the border illegally with few or no previous offenses. "If you're smuggling a child, then we're going to prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you, probably, as required by law".

The immigration debate has reached a fever pitch in recent months following reports that since October about 700 children crossing the US-Mexico border have been separated from their parents.

"The Unaccompanied Alien Children Program is being abused", said Steven Wagner, acting assistant secretary for the Administration for Children and Families at HHS.

"The children will be taken care of - put into foster care or whatever".

Miller said that because the Flores case prohibits the detention - essentially jail-like conditions - of children longer than three weeks, families are nearly always released while they await court proceedings that will take much longer and that is a "loophole".

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The Trump administration is targeting children - migrant and refugee children - to achieve its policy goal at the border, crack down on immigration, and placate its far right base.

In March and April of this year, there was a seasonal uptick in illegal border crossings, resulting in roughly 38,000 apprehensions of people crossing illegally each of those months.

The issue again raises the question of whether Trump's determination to stiffen immigration laws conflicts with the nation's fundamental values - and a wider humanitarian duty to protect children.

In a tweet Saturday, Trump portrayed the family-separation measures as a tactic to arm-twist his opponents.

Protests are also being planned in at least 29 other cities, including in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois and New York, We Belong Together said in a press release. "DEMOCRATS ARE PROTECTING MS-13 THUGS", Trump tweeted, highlighting the most divisive aspects on a debate that has been rocking U.S. politics for more than a decade.

"Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country", he wrote.

At the core of this scandal is the fact that Trump has blown out of proportion - if not invented - an immigration crisis for political gain.

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Children wait to receive gifts after a show to entertain them at the sports club where Central American migrants traveling with the annual Stations of the Cross caravan have been camped out in Matias Romero, Mexico, April 4, 2018. It's a harrowing situation, one that the president himself called awful.

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