Mexico aims tariff countermeasures at key Republican-contested districts

Canada's Trudeau blasts

No more Mr Nice Guy: Canada's Trudeau gets tough

Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, had about sixteen meetings with the U.S. Secretary of Commerce about the tariffs, but they were not willing to listen.

The steel and aluminum tariffs come on the heels of negotiations between the Trump administration and China over trade penalties on those same metals. The EU has filed a similar challenge. Canada's planned retaliatory measures will take effect July 1 and stay in place until the USA backs down.

It came after the European Union said it would introduce retaliatory tariffs after Mr Trump's "illegal" and "dangerous" decision.

Speaking of NAFTA, Trudeau said he told Mr. Trump last week he would go down to Washington with Freeland and personally sit down with the president to work out details.

Le Maire had earlier Friday referred to the talks as a "G6 plus one", with the United States standing apart, adopting a joke circulating among attendees at the weekend.

Canada plans to slam retaliatory tariffs on $12.8 billion worth of USA exports and contest the steel and aluminum tariffs under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), per Reuters.

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Analysts say China is unlikely to budge on those plans, which it sees as crucial for developing its huge economy.

Mnuchin, regarded as one of the more moderate trade voices in Trump's Cabinet, took a low profile during the G-7 discussion of tariffs but was clearly "isolated", two officials participating in the talks said.

Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau said that Washington's decision to impose the tariffs - Canada provides half of all United States aluminum imports - had lessened the chances for a successful outcome of the NAFTA talks.

It largely spares USA farmers. Highly restrictive on Trade!

No joint final statement emerged from the G7 ministerial meeting, a sign of the strong discord as the world's major economies verged on open trade conflict.

"We estimate there are about 40,000 jobs in South Wales alone that rely on the steel supply chain".

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Trump's decision had already drawn furious responses from Canada's Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Regarding the dispute with the United States, the EU says in a document submitted to the WTO that US tariff measures "adversely affect exports of these goods from the European Union to the United States". "But hey, the decision was made, and we always said that we were going to be ready to react".

President Donald Trump says Canada has mistreated US farmers on trade and officials there "must open their markets and take down their trade barriers!"

Mexico announced "equivalent" measures on a wide range of United States farm and industrial products, including pork legs, apples, grapes, cheese, steel and other goods. Based on an analysis of U.S. export data, the value of the goods subject to tariffs was $15.72 billion, well above the target level.

Friction in Whistler could telegraph an even tenser meeting next week in Quebec, when the leaders of the G-7 meet, including President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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