Here's the title and first images of Wonder Woman sequel

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot Diana Prince

First photos from 'Wonder Woman 1984' confirm that Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor

It will be interesting to see Diana in an era of general peace, without the entire world on the brink of destroying itself.

Director Patty Jenkins also shared the image of Steve, and added: 'Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!

The fair assumption was that Trevor perished in the explosion, but this picture confirms he will feature in the sequel.

For one, it seems we can rule out the idea that Pine's returning via flashbacks, as these shots show him in contemporary clothing which means that, somehow, Trevor not only survived his doom in World War I but also hasn't aged in almost 70 years.

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Of course, it's possible that this is just a dream sequence from Wonder Woman 1984, but it seems unlikely that one of the first promotional images for a sequel would be for such a thing.

When contemplating who she'd like to face off against in a future DC movie, Gadot said that was a character she wanted to go up against. Returning director Patty Jenkins co-wrote the script with Geoff Johns (who contributed to the original film's story).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sporadic relaunches and reboots of the franchise, and Wonder Woman's love interest's already inconsistent timeline opened the door for future appearances.

Last year Wonder Woman saw Gal Gadot's superhero fighting in World War I with Pine's Steve Trevor.

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In the picture, Diana is seen standing in front of shop window full of CRT TV monitors that are displaying '80s pop culture references.

As the filming for Wonder Woman 2 continues in earnest in the United States, the first sanctioned photo of Gal Gadot in character was released on Wednesday.

The film will see Kristen Wiig play villain Cheetah. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Wonder Woman 1984 is the follow up to the 2017 sensation that grossed $822 million at the box office and received widespread critical acclaim.

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