Gaming Disorder is a real addiction insists the WHO

Gaming Addiction Is Now An Official Mental Health Disorder

WHO declares compulsive video gaming a mental disorder

Doctors now recognise persistent and compulsive gaming behaviour as a mental health disorder.

Many parents will have thought it for a long time, but they now have a new argument to limit their children's "screen time" - addiction to video games has been recognised by World Health Organisation as a mental health disorder. Especially with how some games use specific conditioning techniques in order to get players continue playing games and spending more money.

"Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital or video-gaming activities", a briefing on the disorder said.

Gaming disorder is defined as a pattern of gaming behavior characterised by impaired control over gaming, as well as increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other daily activities.

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Last year, a study from almost 30 academics opposed the gaming disorder classification, saying their addiction was best viewed as a coping mechanism associated with underlying problems such as anxiety or depression.

World Health Organization accepted the proposal that Gaming Disorder should be listed as a new issue based on scientific evidence. These games are commonly played on electronic and video devices.

While the classification was first proposed back in December of 2017, it was not made official until June 18th and quickly made its rounds across the internet and the gaming world, along with reaching mainstream culture.

Additionally, WHO lists both online and offline gaming as a disorder, but the former can be an enriching experience as users can forge friendships and even romantic relationships through multiplayer games.

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It means you're unlikely to claim any disability benefits because you game a lot, because you're all a balanced lot who play games in a healthy way.

Gaming disorder rubs shoulders with conditions such as gambling disorder, substance abuse, and addictive hoarding in the ICD.

To be diagnosed with gaming disorder, a person's behavior must significantly impact other important aspects of their life, such as their relationships or their ability to hold down a job.

"ICD is a cornerstone of health information and ICD-11 will deliver an up-to-date view of the patterns of disease", said Lubna Alansari, WHO's Assistant Director-General (Health Metrics and Measurement). The latest edition also has a new chapter on traditional medicine. It also forms the basis for WHO and experts to spot and respond to health trends.

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The ICD-11 isn't yet finished, though: The publication won't be endorsed as a final release until 2019, and won't be fully adopted until 2022.

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