Republicans Blast Pearl Jam Concert Poster Depicting Burning White House

Pearl Jam Poster Dead Trump

Pearl Jam Poster Promoting Jon Tester Features Dead Donald Trump 14 Aug 2018

Taking to Instagram overnight, Pearl Jam shared an image of their recent tour poster which depicts the White House in flames, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial cracked and broken, and the skeletal body of Donald Trump, which is being picked over by a bald eagle. There's photos of the poster below. Created by bassist Jeff Ament and artist Bobby Draws Skullz, the poster depicts the White House, along with other classic D.C. landmarks, ravaged by flames.

The poster has made headlines everywhere from local radio station KGVO to the Daily Wire to Fox News, who quoted Rosendale as responding: "Once again, Jon Tester has shown he will stand with the far-left over Montanans". Tester's Republican opponent, Matt Rosendale, released a statement on Tuesday, calling the work "disgusting". "It's time for [Tester] to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism!".

The poster shows Senator Tester in a tractor flying over a burning Washington DC, framed by the letters "P" and "J", with smoke forming the word "Vote" in the background.

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The eye-catching image has sparked a flood of reaction with many taking umbrage with the depiction of a destroyed Washington, DC and a dead United States president. Jon Tester's reelection campaign and dislike of Trump's policies. In July, the infamous giant floating balloon that depicted Donald Trump as a diaper-wearing baby was floated outside the band's London show, only days after it floated next to Parliament.

"We never saw the poster before the show and we don't like it".

Tester's campaign distanced themselves from the Pearl Jam poster, saying it had nothing to do with it. Tester is facing one of the toughest re-election fights in the Mountain West. "And we don't condone violence of any kind". On top of another almost 3-hour, 30-song set, the show featured an - um - interesting poster designed in part by Ament himself.

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Twitter user John Watson wrote: "So disappointed with this". This is pathetic and I choose America and MY President over you. The toupee is a dead giveaway I'd say as to who this is meant to represent.

_mikeizzleThe biggest shocker is that Pearl Jam are still a band.

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