Michael Cohen's lawyer says he'd 'never accept a pardon' from President Trump

US President Donald Trump at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster N.J

US President Donald Trump at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster N.J

And Cohen pleaded guilty to a series of financial crimes, including paying off two women to keep silent about affairs they claim to have had with Trump ahead of the election.

Yesterday, at pretty much the exact same time as Cohen was admitting to his crimes, Manafort was convicted on five charges of tax fraud, two charges of bank fraud, and one charge of hiding a foreign bank account, and a mistrial was declared on the remaining 10 charges.

In a round of media interviews, Davis suggested that Cohen has information that would be of interest to the special counsel and other law enforcement officials scrutinizing Trump, but he stopped short of offering details.

But the mercurial U.S. leader appeared determined to ride out the latest storm.

Writing on the Lawfare blog, former White House counsel Bob Bauer argued that the Cohen campaign-finance plea will resonate "unmistakably" with Mueller's investigation, "which also concerns what a candidate is prepared to do to win an election and then cover his tracks". "They came from me". "They came from me and I tweeted about it".

Cohen initially denied making the payments to the women - McDougal and adult film actress Stormy Daniels - or that Trump had any knowledge of them.

Among the charges that Cohen pleaded guilty to on Tuesday were campaign finance violations, including two counts related to hush-money payments made to women.

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After bashing Cohen Wednesday morning, Trump praised Manafort, saying, "Unlike Michael Cohen, [Manafort] refused to "break" - make up stories in order to get a 'deal.' Such respect for a fearless man!"

"He will not, and does not want anything from Donald Trump", Davis told MSNBC. "If he were not president, he clearly would be indicted and jailed for that crime".

It's thought criminal charges are unlikely while he is president.

And while the president could theoretically be impeached, it remains a remote prospect in a Republican-dominated Congress where even Democrats are focused on letting Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe play out in full.

Cohen would be a prosecutor's "dream cooperator: one who had special insider access to the leader of a powerful, closed, corrupt organization", former prosecutors Mimi Rocah and Elie Honig wrote last month. "We continue the witch hunt".

Trump Can Save Manafort With a Pardon. "If you look at President Obama, he had a massive campaign violation, but he had a different attorney general and they viewed it a lot differently".

Some Democratic senators have said that if Trump were to pardon Manafort, Cohen or any other former associate the special counsel brings down, that would represent weakness, not power.

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"It is clear that, as the prosecutor noted, Mr. Cohen's actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a significant period of time", said Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

"I participated in this conduct, which on my part took place in Manhattan, for the principal objective of influencing the [2016] election", Cohen said.

"I know that Mr. Cohen would never accept a pardon from a man that he considers to be both corrupt and a unsafe person in the Oval Office, and he has flatly authorized me to say under no circumstances would he accept a pardon from Mr. Trump", Davis said.

Trump soon weighed in on Twitter, taking his shot at Cohen and praising Manafort, saying he has "such respect for a courageous man!"

"He refused to "break" - make up stories in order to get a "deal", Trump tweeted.

"It was a crime for President Trump to direct Michael Cohen to the crime of a campaign finance donation that exceeded the legal limitations", Davis said.

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