John McCain Has Died. Here's His Great and Terrible Record

John McCain, 'maverick' senator, dead at 81 - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Reese Witherspoon and More Remember John McCain: ‘A Hero Has Fallen’

"Senator John McCain's remarkable record of leadership embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service".

In 2017, after undergoing a minimally invasive surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye, a tissue sample revealed the presence of brain cancer.

According to a statement from McCain's office, he died Saturday at 4:28 PM, adding.

President Donald Trump, who once criticised Mr McCain for being taken prisoner during the Vietnam War, said his "deepest sympathies and respect" went out to Mr McCain's family. Fact is. he had surpassed expectations for survival.

He had recently announced his decision to discontinue treatment.

"The entire McCain family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from around the world".

"My family is deeply appreciative of all the love and generosity you have shown us during this past year", said Meghan McCain, the senator's daughter.

A police escort accompanied the hearse that carried his body, as a fiery sunset cast its last light over the countryside McCain loved so dearly.

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"I just knew it wasn't the right thing to do", he is later reported to have said.

"We dispirited our base and we let spending get completely out of control".

"John McCain was a man of honor, a true patriot in the best sense of the word". Despite McCain's frequent stops in the Lehigh Valley that year, Obama won the vote in Lehigh and Northampton counties.

Two former senators who became vice presidents, Democrats Al Gore and Joe Biden, praised McCain respectively as someone who would "work to find common ground" and "a friend" who "will be missed dearly". Biden's son Beau died in 2015 after fighting glioblastoma.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor who McCain controversially chose as his vice presidential running mate in the 2008 election, offered a heartfelt tribute to a man who made her a major player in GOP politics for a period at the end of the last decade.

Known as a "maverick" by some, the senator was often at odds with his own party.

McCain collaborated with a long-time adviser, Mark Salter, on a memoir, "The Restless Wave", that was released in May. I have so many wonderful people on my staff.

Upon returning to the US, McCain was awarded a number of military medals, including two Purple Hearts. "Even in times of political turmoil such as these, we share that awesome heritage and the responsibility to embrace it".

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While such independence might make Cooper a spiritual (if unconventional) successor to McCain, his appointment could alienate Trump supporters.

McCain found Putin's growing influence on the world stage particularly worrisome. A patriot who fought everyday for American freedom and dignity.

In Europe, some condolences also hinted at McCain's role as a vocal critic of the current administration. McCain later said he regretted picking Palin.

The late US Senator wanted former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush to speak at the services, according to CBS News.

As a pilot with the U.S. Navy, he began combat duty at the age of 30.

The eternal comeback kid, in March 2008, John McCain clinched enough delegates to embark on the race for the White House.

He attended 20 different schools on his way to graduating from a private boarding school in Virginia in 1954.

On Oct. 26, 1967, his A-4E Skyhawk was shot down during a bombing run over Hanoi. McCain deployed his parachute and plunged into a lake, breaking his leg and both arms. He landed in a lake in the corner of the capital of North Vietnam, he said in recalling the incident. He was refused medical treatment and beaten with a bayonet. He spent much of his time as a prisoner of war in solitary confinement, aided by his faith and the friendships of his fellow POWs.

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As he exited the market into a summer storm, McCain paused to notice a throng of people waiting in the rain to see him. In 1986, he was elected to the Senate to succeed Barry Goldwater, the failed Republican presidential hopeful.

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