California passes ‘Gold Standard’ net-neutrality protections

Accenture CEO Diversity is critical

Accenture CEO Diversity is critical

But it also goes further by snuffing paid interconnection deals and putting the kibosh on so-called "zero-rating" policies that exempt some traffic from data caps and other usage-based data policies.

The California Bill is the most significant victory for supporters of net neutrality rules since the FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, scrapped federal regulations previous year. Kevin de Leon is close to being shelved in the state Assembly. "The sunset date for this bill will allow us to study its implementation and make recommendations for future ways to incorporate blockchain into California law", the senator said.

Net neutrality was in the national spotlight last week when Verizon was reported to have slowed the speed of the Santa Clara County Fire Department's wireless data. Jerry Brown, who is expected to sign it into law. Almost three dozen states have introduced bills to replace the defunct regulations, and three states have already approved them.

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California lawmakers have voted to make net neutrality state law, becoming the latest of several states to approve such measures.

The bill's author, Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat, argued that without the regulations, internet providers could "inhibit us or manipulate us away from our favorite web sites".

The bill's passage marks the second time in three months that the most populous state has sought to regulate companies on the internet. "So when Donald Trump's FCC made a decision to take a wrecking ball to net neutrality protections, we knew that California had to step in to ensure our residents have access to a free and open internet". It gave California internet users the ability to know what information a company like Facebook or Google was collecting, and how it was being used and shared with third parties. "Governor Brown should use his veto pen on this legislation, and Congress should step in to legislate and provide consumer protections that will resolve this issue once and for all".

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The digital age requires more aggressive regulation, but it's a delicate balance between protecting consumers and companies.

The limitations provoked a loud outcry from internet providers such as Verizon and Comcast, which said the rules would add unnecessary costs to their businesses and prevent them from investing in upgrades to their networks.

Now that it has passed the California State Assembly, SB822 moves on to the State Senate where it should have no difficulty passing. In the Assembly yesterday, six Republicans joined 55 Democrats to pass the bill in a 61-18 vote. They are sponsored by Common Sense Kids Action and have support from the Consumer Federation of America, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, among others.

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