Stunning Victory for Indigenous Nations as Canada Halts Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

Ottawa loses key Trans Mountain court case but pushes ahead with pipeline

Ottawa loses key Trans Mountain court case but pushes ahead with pipeline Saskatoon 650 CKOM Canadian Press

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau said his government plans to go ahead with the buyout but has yet to decide exactly how it will respond to the ruling.

The court said that, among other issues, the Crown consultation team was missing someone representing government who could engage interactively and could discuss, at least in principle, how to accommodate conScerns.

The court ruled the National Energy Board's review of the project was flawed because it failed to consider impact on marine life. By coincidence, shareholders in Kinder Morgan Canada voted Thursday on the sale of Trans Mountain to the feds, with 99.98 per cent giving the deal a thumbs up.

McKay Métis president Ron Quintal said the big lesson from the ruling is that a factor has been identified in "a flawed system that has failed the Indigenous people of this country".

November 29, 2016: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sanctions the Trans Mountain expansion, part of a sweeping announcement that also saw approval of Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline replacement but the end of its Northern Gateway project.

"This is a major victory for my community", said Coldwater Chief Lee Spahan.

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It faces stiff environmental opposition from British Columbia's provincial government and activists.

The court found that the government's representatives "limited their mandate to listening to and recording the concerns of the Indigenous applicants and then transmitting those concerns to the decision-makers".

On Ottawa's watch, work was halted on other major pipelines, such as Northern Gateway and Energy East. Trans Mountain was left as the one major conduit that could potentially carry Alberta oil to world markets, rather than the USA refineries that are the destinations for every other Canadian pipeline.

The ruling also outlined another flaw in the NEB process - saying that a "critical error" was made in regards to the consideration of tanker traffic in waters around Burnaby and Vancouver, and beyond. The case is a combination of almost two dozen cases against the crude oil pipeline, according to the Globe and Mail.

"Our coast is considered to be an integral part of the decision-making process and marine traffic was not adequately assessed by the National Energy Board or the ordering council to proceed", said Horgan.

He said it was clear that the consultations the Trudeau government conducted were inadequate, even though the government did another round of discussions after the Federal Court of Appeal overturned Stephen Harper's approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline in 2016 over a failure to consult. You can nearly hear the sighs of relief from the chief executives of utilities and pension plans across the country, who were all offered a chance to buy into Trans Mountain over the past few years, and who all said no to Kinder Morgan.

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Energy analyst Ian Gillies said in a note that the ruling will lead investors to question whether other large projects will move forward.

"I think what I am most satisfied with is that when we formed a government, we looked at what were the practical things we could do within the context of the Canadian family to make our arguments and I think that we've done that effectively".

Several Indigenous groups and environmentalists applauded the ruling, which emerged from a legal challenge backed by more than a dozen groups, including the city of Vancouver, several First Nations and environmental organisations.

"Of course we're very happy with the decision", Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan said, adding that the ruling is "one that I think reflects numerous issues that we have raised throughout the hearings".

With as few as 75 southern resident orcas left, the population will be unsustainable if the project proceeds, said Paul Paquet, senior scientist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

In the wake of today's dramatic Federal Court of Appeal decision, we've prepared a sampling of that coverage to provide you with context and background.

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October 26, 2017: Kinder Morgan Canada asks NEB to allow work to begin despite a failure to obtain municipal permits from the City of Burnaby.

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