Bloomberg Journos Didn't Leak Trump Comments, Toronto Star Reporter Says

Canada Trade Talks In Jeopardy After Leaked ‘Off The Record’ Trump Comments

So, Trade Negotiations With Canada Are Going Great - Hit & Run :

The rift comes after the administration submitted a letter late last week formally notifying Congress that it would enter a trade agreement with Mexico, adding that Canada could be included at a later date "if it is willing". The president warned Congress not to meddle with the trade negotiations or he would terminate the trilateral trade pact altogether.

"We're looking for a good deal".

In his final tweet about NAFTA on Saturday, Trump reiterated that NAFTA was "one of the worst trade deals ever made", adding that "we were better off before NAFTA - should never have been signed!" And Trump has further threatened to put 25 percent tariffs on cars and auto parts sent from Canada into the United States - a move he could make without Congress' permission.

The United States is pressing ahead with a free trade pact with Mexico, but whether Canada will join depends on a new round of talks next week, after negotiations ended on Friday without an agreement.

The sticking points between Ottawa and Washington centre on Canada's managed dairy market - something Mr Trump has criticised frequently - and how to handle some disputes among NAFTA partners, as well as patent protections for medicines.

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Trump has charged that the deal wiped out American factory jobs.

"We're continuing to work very hard, and we're making progress".

Canada is the No. 1 destination for American products shipped overseas, and more than 8 million are supported by trade with Canada, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Turkey's lira has suffered in the wake of us sanctions and tariffs instituted in response to the imprisonment of American pastor Andrew Brunson. The U.S. Trade Representative's Office says that U.S. exports to Canada are up 181 per cent from 1993 and U.S. exports of services to Canada are up from pre-NAFTA levels by some 243 per cent.

"I gave an interview yesterday to Bloomberg Business, and I said 'off the record, ' and I made a statement about Canada, which is fine because I love Canada but they have taken advantage of our country for many years", Trump explained.

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But under USA trade rules, the United States team does not have to make public the text of the revamped agreement for 30 additional days, buying more time to reach a deal with the Canadians. Driving that optimism was agreement on auto content that would favour Canada and the United States due to their higher-wage workers, making it less appealing for manufacturers to move production to Mexico.

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is leading negotiations for her country, has declined to get into details of talks.

Mr. Trump wants Canada to end its tariffs on dairy products, which can run almost 300 percent.

Mike Huckabee took issue on Labor Day with AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka over his comments about the economy and American workers, saying there is no way he could say matters are not good.

Pelc said that Republican members of Congress as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are "dead set" against a bilateral deal with Mexico. A Business Insider report from April said USA sanctions on Russian Federation hit it "where it hurts". Mexico swiftly retaliated with import tariffs on some American goods, including steel, apples and pork.

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