Elon Musk and SpaceX announce 1st tourist for ‘moon loop’

Cost of the trip

SpaceX gets first private passenger for moon trip

SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted that Yusaku would be "bringing eight (brave) artists & cultural figures with him on the journey around the moon". However, Maezawa is not paying for a simple trip into orbit to hang out for a few days and then return to Earth. "I choose to invite artists from all around the world on my journey", he said. He now heads Japan's largest online retail shop, Zozotown. He is the first to book a trip as a private passenger with the commercial space company for a voyage that hasn't been attempted since NASA's Apollo missions ended in 1972. SpaceX's passenger will be the first person to take a space flight toward the moon who did not train through a formal program like NASA.

At the time, SpaceX said two people signed a deal with SpaceX to make a trip around the moon aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket.

"I could not pass up this opportunity to see the moon up close", Maezawa said. Indeed, one of his statements to this effect - "I'd like to die on Mars, just not on impact" - has found its way onto T-shirts and posters.

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Maezawa, 42, said he wants his guests to be inspired to create once they return to Earth "to inspire the dreamer in all of us". The BFR's principal objective is to carry settlers and their stuff to Mars, 100 passengers at a time.

In moves typical of his publicity-seeking style, Musk, who is also the billionaire chief executive of electric auto maker Tesla Inc, had previously teased a few tantalising details about the trip and the passenger's identity, but left major questions unanswered.

Elon Musk looked enthusiastic and excited at the event.

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The new strategy is to still fly around the moon, but using an even bigger SpaceX rocket still in development that has its own dedicated passenger ship.

However, Musk said that rocket would not be certified to carry people, which ruled out a round-the-moon trip on a Falcon Heavy. The BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is being developed in a SpaceX facility at the Port of Los Angeles.

SpaceX/YouTube Musk released the proposed trajectory of the first lunar SpaceX flight with a paying customer, which could take place as early as 2023.

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Elon Musk, said previous year that we would see two humans take a trip to the Moon at some point in 2018, but that isn't happening.

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