Lindsay Lohan under fire for 'bizarre' Instagram video

Lindsay Lohan Harasses Two Refugee Children Live on Instagram, While Trying to Take Them From Their Parents

Lindsay Lohan Gets Decked Attempting to Take Homeless Child From Family

Lindsay Lohan's longtime publicist is reportedly flying to Paris to meet the actress after she posted a since-deleted video of herself appearing to get punched after she accused refugee parents of trafficking while attempting to take their children.

Lindsay, who was in Moscow, gets out of her auto and approaches the family - 2 boys and their parents. "They really need help", says Lohan, who seems under the influence of mind-altering substances.

She attempts to speak Arabic and tells them they are ruining Arabic culture before trying to grab the hand of one of the boys.

She then appears to become involved in a physical altercation with the mother who hits her in the face.

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Last night, Lindsay Lohan heckled a homeless family and ended up getting punched in the face. "I won't leave until I take you", Lohan says while trailing the family, peppering the conversation with Arabic and Russian words. "I won't leave until I take you". To watch a movie on a TV, right? "They will come back to you", Lohan further added.

Lindsay Lohan has shocked the world before, but not like this. I'll buy you a room. "You're taking these children, and they want to go", she said, in heavily accented English. I'll buy you a hotel room, I will, I will do it, I'll buy it.come in my auto and I'll buy a hotel room.

After a while, the family got up, took their belongings and started walking away from her. Lindsay followed them saying they were heading the wrong direction.

"If someone is offering them a home and a bed, which is me at the moment, give it to them", Lohan continues.

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Speaking directly to one of the children, Lohan then says, "Let's go".

The video was livestreamed to millions of her Instagram followers, some of whom commented on the stream with confusion and criticism.

"Guys, you're going the wrong way, my vehicle is here, come", Lohan tells the children who continued to follow their parents as she chases them down the street.

While another continued: "Lindsay Lohan is disgusting". Either way, the video closes with Lindsay shedding a tear and saying she only wanted to save the boys.

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One Twitter user said: "Lindsay Lohan's live story is so uncomfortable to watch".

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