Federal Bureau of Investigation report looms as senators slam Trump for mocking Kavanaugh accuser

UB40 Want Nothing to Do With Brett Kavanaugh

Lawyer: FBI has completed Mark Judge interview

The FBI reopened its background check into Judge Kavanaugh last week, after Professor Christine Blasey Ford testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had assaulted her when they were teenagers in the 1980s.

A public policy analyst contends that despite the loud protests and delaying tactics from Senate Democrats, Brett Kavanaugh ultimately will be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The FBI is now undertaking an investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh, at the request of Democrats on the committee and a few Republicans in the Senate, including Sen. According to Kavanaugh's 1982 calendar, he hosted a party that included several people that Ford identified as being present on the night she was assaulted. 'I don't know.' Where's the house? I don't know. Upstairs, downstairs - where was it? "I had one beer - that's the only thing I remember", he stated inaccurately.

"Man up and say it's your decision, not ours, " Schumer said. "I just say it's kind of appalling", Mr Flake said.

Collins told CNN's Manu Raju that the comments were "just plain wrong".

Sen. Chris Coons of DE, the Democrat who paired with Republican Sen.

"So President Trump went through a factual rendition, that I didn't particularly like, and I would tell him to knock it off. The President's comments yesterday mocking Dr Ford were wholly inappropriate and, in my view, unacceptable".

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Following Ford's testimony last Thursday, Trump called her a "very credible witness". Scrutiny has been building this week on Kavanaugh, not only because of the accusations, but because of his testimony at that hearing.

Donald Trump is continuing to publicly show his support for his SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh, tweeting late Wednesday night that he thinks the judge is a "fine man".

Trump ordered the FBI investigation last Friday, limiting its duration to no more than a week.

The FBI is expected to have over its report to lawmakers before they vote, but the report's findings are not meant to be made public.

The No. 2 Senate Republican, John Cornyn, said the report could be given to senators as soon as Wednesday.

However, Reuters reports that several witnesses who say they have information about the case have tried and failed to speak with FBI investigators. With Republicans defending majorities in the House and Senate next month, officials cast Trump's visit as an attempt to get ahead of a potentially perilous situation.

But McConnell, who has fervently supported Kavanaugh from the beginning, vowed that, despite Democrats' complaints, the Senate will vote by the end of the week.

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"They're toast if they vote 'no, ' and they should be", Graham said.

"The problem is less with relationships - like I said, those are resilient - than it is with process", he said.

The senator said he was requesting the recordings because the committee has obtained a letter that "raises specific concerns" about the reliability of Ford's polygraph test.

"I dispute that it was anything other than the president stating the facts", Sanders said in her first formal press briefing since September 10.

"BK's lies about binge drinking are false exculpatory statements created to undermine Ford's 100% certain I.D. of him as her attacker".

If all goes according to plan, the vote will take place one day after senators get a chance to review supplemental background information from an Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry into allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

Judge has denied any memory of such an incident, as have at least three others with information about Ford's allegations and those of a second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, who has said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when they were Yale University students.

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