Missing Saudi journalist sparks backlash from US

Raised eyebrows in Moscow as Saudi crown prince predicts Russia & China’s exit from oil market

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Trump issued the remarks during a rally in MS last week. "But I said 'King - we're protecting you - you might not be there for two weeks without us- you have to pay for your military '", Trump said.

"The request that America made to Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries is to be sure that if there is any loss of supply from Iran, that we will supply that".

On Saturday, Turkish sources told Reuters that Turkish authorities believed Khashoggi had been killed inside the consulate, in what they described as the intentional targeting of a well-known critic of the Persian Gulf kingdom's rulers.

Turkish authorities have claimed that the high-profile dissident Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul by a hit squad sent from Riyadh, amid calls for an global inquiry into a disappearance that has rocked the region.

Ahmed Alyafei, Managing Director of Al Jazeera Channel, said: "During his three decades long career, Jamal Khashoggi set an example as a free and courageous journalist".

US President Donald Trump, in the first expression of concern by his administration on Khashoggi's disappearance, said he was troubled by reports about the journalist's fate.

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The discrepancy between the multiple anonymous allegations to the news media and top officials' public reticence raised questions about whether Ankara would stand behind the leaks or whether it was seeking to avoid what could be a hugely disruptive fight with Riyadh.

The Saudi source said a security team including Saudi investigators had arrived in Istanbul on Saturday to take part in the investigation into his disappearance.

Turkey's Anadolu news agency also reported a group of Saudis were briefly at the consulate.

Some have speculated that Khashoggi's body may have been removed from the country.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters he's closely following the investigation.

"Al Jazeera has also learned in the next day or so video material will be released showing details of the assassination", Elshayyal said.

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Saudi Arabia has been engulfed by several controversies since Mohammed bin Salman was named crown prince and heir to the throne in June 2017.

Later that day, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) said Saudi authorities would allow Turkey to search its consulate. "Not good. We want them to stop raising prices, we want them to start lowering prices".

"We have spare capacity of 1.3 million without any investment", he explained, adding that a deal with Kuwait to resume production in the Neutral Zone between the two countries would add extra capacity.

"I would like to confirm that". And by mid afternoon on Sunday, no Turkish official had publicly accused Saudi Arabia of killing Khashoggi.

Amnesty International called on Saudi authorities to "immediately disclose the evidence supporting their claim that Jamal Khashoggi left the consulate last Tuesday, otherwise their claims are utterly baseless and only exacerbate suspicions that they are indeed detaining him in what would amount to an enforced disappearance". "Jamal is not killed and I refuse to believe he is killed...!" she wrote in a post which featured an old photo of Mr Khashoggi at a restaurant.

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