Chaos erupts as caravan reaches Mexico border

Thousands of migrants attempted to cross the border from Guatemala into Mexico this week. Many of the migrants have reportedly returned to their home countries of Honduras and Guatemala

Mexico Steps Up After Trump Threatens to Close the Border and Cut Aid

There - at the far end of the bridge over the Suchiate River, which forms the western part of the Mexico-Guatemala border - they hurled rocks and other objects at hundreds of riot police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Aerial view of a Honduran migrant caravan heading to the United States on the Guatemala-Mexico global border bridge in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas state, Mexico, on October 20, 2018.

The migrants intent to claim refugee status but some have raised doubts over who these people really are and whether they are fleeing violence.

The slow procession north has led President Donald Trump to threaten to cut aid to Central American nations and to send troops to the U.S. border if Mexico failed to stop the surge.

"One way or another, we will pass", they changed, clambering atop to USA -donated military jeeps parked at the scene as Guatemalan police looked on.

In video shot at the scene Friday afternoon, CNN's Bill Weir said a "teeming mass of humanity" was waiting to pass through a white metal fence ― women and children first. Because many of those people, a fairly big percentage of those people are criminals, and they want to come into our country.

Mr Trump, who has threatened to close down the U.S. border, said the military would be called upon if needed.

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Marta Sánchez, founder of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, which organises an annual caravan of mothers searching for their children who disappeared while trying to reach the USA, said: "This is not a caravan, it's an exodus".

Will they reach the United States border? He called for the military to confront the latest caravan and has threatened to cut aid to countries that allow them to advance towards the United States.

Could Trump successfully stop all US tax-funded foreign aid to these nations?

Earlier, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met in Mexico City and discussed the caravan, which set off from Honduras last weekend.

Trump said that Democrats are "openly inviting" illegals to pour across the border into the United States.

Some migrants, exhausted of waiting, jumped off the bridge into the Suchiate River on Friday.

Pompeo's trip to Mexico was planned before the caravan, but Pompeo and other US officials have said that it will inform his conversations with Mexican officials on Friday.

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And according to global law, the United States can not deport asylum seekers without first determining the validity of their claim. If the Honduran President was more responsible, there wouldn't be so much emigration, but there are no jobs.

Despite the show of force, senior Mexican government officials say they won't use force against migrants. They included 52 children, nine of them 5 years old or younger.

This appears to be a shift from previous policies, in which humanitarian or transit visas were issued, and migrants were given the option of continuing their journey north if they didn't want to seek asylum in Mexico.

Each time a small side gate opened to allow small groups in for processing, there was a crush of bodies as migrants desperately pushed forward.

On the bridge, some of the migrants were hanging from the closed gate that represents the border at Tacun Uman, Guatemala, and Mexico, wailing and saying they were hungry. "Nobody is going to stop us!"

Trump has pointed to the caravan as a key issue in the upcoming election, describing the group's approach as an assault on the U.S. border.

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