Blizzard Stresses That Multiple Diablo Projects are Still Being Developed

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

Diablo Immortal is the mobile Diablo game nobody asked for

All that Diablo fans really wanted at BlizzCon, after a fair bit of build up to this year's event, was a new Diablo game. It's not exactly an uplifting motivational storyline as the game focuses on Skarn, Herald of Terror, collecting individual parts of the destroyed Worldstone to try and resurrect Diablo. I don't want to play a Diablo mobile game so I simply shan't play Diablo Immortal, though going by some people's reactions I might have missed Blizzard vowing to kick my dad's teeth out and force-feed me them I don't play it for five hours every day.

This announcement affected not only Diablo fans who were present at that "bloodcurdling" moment, but it also reached the most powerful thing of the 21st century - the social media.

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At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard announced when you can play World of Warcraft Classic.

As for Diablo Immortal, the game features six customizable character classes, including Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard.

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Kotaku spoke with Blizzard's Allen Adham about the controversy who seemed unsurprised by the growing backlash against the singular announcement of a Diablo-themed game. With a five-act story campaign that spans the deadly world of Sanctuary, an endlessly playable Adventure Mode, and seven powerful classes to master, Diablo IIIEternal Collection is the ideal all-in-one package for novice demon-slayers, and veterans eager to cleanse Sanctuary on the go. However, it's been over a decade since we've seen a return to the franchise.

At the time of publication, Blizzard/Activision has not actually announced any form of a release date for Diablo Immortal, but we can all keep our fingers crossed that it arrives sooner rather than later. "Younger folks now, many of them, mobile is their primary gaming device".

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"There are actually two distinct teams", Adham told Kotaku. "We still have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects. And then around the world in many regions, it's their primary gaming device, and so it's always been our aspiration [to bring games to them]". The game comes with all new art and animation, 62 single-player missions, a refreshed user interface, an overhauled World Editor, and full integration awaits you.

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