Google wants developers to add dark themes to save battery life

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Which is always a good thing with smartphones, especially those that have smaller batteries, or might be a bit older. Now when you view your app drawer or the quick-settings card (swipe down from the top of the screen), it'll be in dark mode. The screen has to be an OLED one. So, it stands to reason that the mostly black Night Mode will help conserve your OLED handset's battery life. At maximum brightness, black had the least power consumption while white had the highest.

Dark mode is an option that changes the overall colour theme of an operating system or app to the colour black. The company acknowledged that white is "less than ideal". The calls for a system-wide dark mode in Android have been deafening in recent years, and we can only hope this new information will inspire Google to finally give users what they want.

On GBoard dark mode saved 21 percent at full brightness.

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For those that are still not familiar with how the new Dark Mode looks on the apps by Google, it usually inverts the colors which means that the black text becomes white and the white background becomes a dark grey.

It went on to showcase how "dark mode" can make all the difference.

Google has introduced a new developer tool aimed at encouraging Android users to update apps to the current version though in-app prompts.

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At the Dev Summit, Google shared testing data on power consumption in apps with various colors. But there may be independent apps that may offer users dark modes, with YouTube being one such example.

How much China impacts Google's statistical modeling is hard to say; the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Once the update is ready, it will run the next time the app is launched. The latest example that can be cited here is the YouTube dark theme. Not only is it going to provide a better user experience for users, but it is also going to provide better battery life. One hopes that the transparency of its reporting will extend more fulsomely to China in the future, since almost 1 in 5 people on Earth call it home.

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