Maybe Don't Try to Bend Your iPad Pro Like a Paperclip

iPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing - news

Apple foldable iPad? No, just an easily bendable iPad Pro

Tablets are generally not as sturdier as compared to the smartphones, simply because of the large surface area-to-width ratio and many other tablets can also bend and break when pressed with hand. Cleverly, OtterBox has designed the clasp in such a way that it can accommodate either the iPad Pro on its own, or with the new Apple Pencil clinging magnetically to its side. Earlier, Filip Koroy of popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro showed how fragile the new iPad Pros are when dropped from waist height.

Internally, the iPad Pro does not seem to have any reinforcements for ensuring proper structural integrity.

One designer argues that using an iPad Pro will "blow away" nearly any computer at video rendering, and that the iPad is better than a computer because just seeing one app at a time is less distracting.

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Given the new iPad Pro's dimensions, I'm not surprised it bends somewhat easily, though I'd argue that unless you're doing something silly with the tablet, you probably won't end up with a bent device.

iPad Pro with LTE is mobile. That is, of course, absolutely ridiculous but it does highlight the uphill struggle Apple will face when trying to convince people that the iPad Pro is a potential computer replacement.

A bulkier OtterBox Defender case promising even greater shelter for the latest iOS tablet was announced a few weeks ago but is not yet available.

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Apple's iPad exploded into the consumer tech market in April of 2010, months ahead of the first Android-powered tablet, and since then the company has sold some 400 million units.

It would be surprising if Apple gave substantial direct discounts.

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