UN, Lebanon, Israel officers talk about border points

Israel launches military operation to destroy 'cross-border terror tunnels'

Lebanon says Israel offered no proof of borde...

Israel asked Lebanon's army and United Nations peacekeepers on Thursday to destroy a tunnel it said had been dug by the Hezbollah group across the border into what it called its territory.

Led by the Commander of the Northern Command, Yoav Strick, and Head of the Planning Ground Arm Command, Amir Abulafia, the ambassadors toured the area of a tunnel that the Israeli army uncovered on Tuesday.

"The Lebanese government, under whose rule Hezbollah has built an underground city of tunnels and factories for precision-guided missiles against Israel, is hypocritically trying to condemn Israel, which is working to protect its [the Lebanese] civilians", said Danon in a statement on Friday.

As Fox News reported, "Strik also presented UNIFIL a map with the location of a second tunnel, along with houses in Lebanon that Israel says are connected to the tunnel". He added that the Trump administration will "do everything we can to starve the militias Iran funds and" choke off money being sent by Iran to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a slew of other militant groups.

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Hezbollah has always proclaimed readiness to confront any Zionist adventure and has a strategic capability that can complete the deterrence equation and deter attacks against the enemy.

Livni told the Kan public broadcaster that while she and the rest of the opposition welcomed the army's operation to find and destroy the alleged tunnels, it "must be kept in proportion". The Israeli military said it had protectively increased forces along the border and warned Hizbullah to keep its distance from the tunnels. The 2006 resolution calls for the cessation of all Hezbollah armed attacks.

"Everything is calm and peaceful on the Lebanese side [of the border]". Gen. Stefano Del Col, encouraged both sides to reduce "the high level of rhetoric", avoid misunderstandings, and ensure that security and stability along the United Nations -drawn Blue Line "is maintained and reinforced", United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in NY. "UNIFIL is supposed to monitor, at the very least monitor if not stop, the transfer of weapons into Lebanon, into south Lebanon", Netanyahu said.

In Gaza, Israel is always sought to uncover Hezbollah tunnels, and in southern Syria, the movements of this regime have not stopped in the occupied the Golan Heights.

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The IDF's plans for Operation Northern Shield were finalized a year ago but had been kept under wraps.

"We're going to destroy more (tunnels)". We passed a clear message of what we're doing and so far I can't tell you that the risk of escalation doesn't exist but I don't think it's quite as...

"It exists, we're ready, we're deployed, we're all ready to go if we have to, but I'm not sure that Hezbollah will make the awful mistake of testing our resolve and our preparedness", he added.

The diplomat also called on the UN Security Council to "take all measures necessary to confront this systematic campaign being waged by Israel and Israel's ongoing violations of Lebanese sovereignty, which are a threat to the security and stability of the entire region". "But that's the goal of Hezbollah vis-à-vis the Jewish State of Israel", he said. "They declare so openly everyday".

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