UAE to reopen Damascus embassy on Thursday - Syrian information ministry

UAE 're-opens embassy in Syria' as Arab leaders begin to welcome Assad back from the cold

UAE to reopen embassy in Syria for first time in seven years

The embassy has been shut since the early months of Syria's conflict, which erupted in 2011.

The United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus, Syria, on Thursday, marking the first official acknowledgment by regional adversaries of Syrian President Bashar Assad that he has won the nearly eight-year civil war to dislodge him. A foreign ministry statement said the move aimed to normalise ties and to curb risks of regional interference in "Arab, Syrian affairs" - an apparent reference to non-Arab Iran, whose support for Al-Assad has been critical to his war effort.

- On December 27, the UAE reopens its embassy in Damascus, the first Gulf country to do so, during a ceremony attended by diplomats.

Assad recently told a Kuwaiti newspaper that Syria has reached a "major understanding" with Arab states after years of hostility.

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The diplomatic thaw comes after the US announced plans to pull its troops from Syria.

Syria's membership of the Arab League was suspended seven years ago.

The border crossing between Syria and Jordan was reopened in October.

"Syria is a country in the heart of the Arab world and it's an indispensable country in the Arab world and this is an invitation to the Arab countries to return", he said. However, Arab countries had also sanctioned Damascus and criticized its use of military forces against the opposition.

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Most Arab countries closed their embassies in Damascus after the fighting began in 2011.

The move has provided a major boost to Assad, who military have yet won series of victories in recent years with help from Iran and Russian Federation.

US President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that Saudi Arabia, Iran's regional arch foe, had agreed to finance Syria's huge reconstruction needs.

In fact USA president Donald Trump even claimed that the neighbouring country of Saudi Arabia has also agreed to spend the money needed to help rebuild Syria. The president had long called on other coalition members to pitch in more money.

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It remains to be seen who will shoulder the burden of those costs.

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