Partial government shutdown ends without funds for wall

No compromise on wall: Donald Trump

Trump Caved So Hard People Are Searching What ‘Caving’ Means

President Donald Trump temporarily backed down on Friday from a five-week stand-off with the Democrats, ending America's longest partial government shutdown without getting the funds he demanded for his border wall.

Trump has vowed if an agreement on border security can not be reached by February 15 - the end of the temporary Continuing Resolution to fully fund the government - he would shut down the government again or invoke national emergency authority to use money other than what Congress appropriates for a wall to get it paid for and built.

Mulvaney said on Sunday he believed Trump is willing to shut down the government again if he does not reach a deal with Congress on border security.

The lynchpin in the standoff is Trump's demand for $5.7 billion United States for his proposed wall at the U.S. -Mexico border, a project Democrats consider an ineffective, wasteful monument to a ridiculous Trump campaign promise.

Trump triggered the shutdown in December to pressure congressional Democrats to give him funding for the border wall. "Frankly I think it's something the American people look at in a very negative way when they look at Nancy Pelosi trying to hold the State of the Union hostage as part of this debate over border security", Scalise said.

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All that for an agreement that contains no guarantee Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will provide a dime for Trump's wall, which Pelosi has called "immoral" and has said Congress will not finance.

The editors lamented that everyone knew the shutdown would end badly, adding the president had no one but himself to blame.

'Dick Durbin publicly said we'll have some walls in the future.

The 35-day government shutdown began after Trump demanded over $US5 billion for a border wall between the United States and Mexico, INSIDER previously reported.

A bipartisan, bicameral congressional committee has been charged with brokering an agreement on border security as part of a deal to keep the government open past February 15, and a stalemate could trigger another shutdown.

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He hinted that he might declare a national emergency to bypass Congress for wall funding or let the government shut down again, should negotiations fail once more.

The White House says Trump signed the measure after the Senate and House each passed it Friday.

President Donald Trump came out of a government shutdown battle politically wounded and outmaneuvered by US.House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His favorability ratings plummeted and he faced a near rebellion from GOP senators, who bluntly told Vice President Mike Pence a day before Trump yielded that it was time to end the standoff. Some of them may be later this week, but we hope that by the end of this week all of the back pay will be we'll be made up, ' he said on CBS News. They used federal workers as pawns. "It will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country-and to deny it is to try to escape from reality, and that we ain't going to do here", Dobbs said.

She then twisted the knife by playing right-wing takes on Trump's cave from the likes of Ann Coulter and Judge Jeanine Pirro, plus another clip of Dobbs telling Gorka that Pelosi "has just whipped" Trump.

The announcement in the White House Rose Garden on the bipartisan deal marked a retreat by Trump, suspending a row that paralyzed Washington, disrupted air travel, and left more than 800,000 federal employees without pay for five weeks.

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