Accumulating Snow & Polar Vortex To Hit The Lansing Area

If you think it's cold now, just wait

Accumulating Snow & Polar Vortex To Hit The Lansing Area

According to Mashable, the polar vortex (a mass of extremely cold air that rotates at the top of the planet) has been "knocked off balance", which can happen occasionally when it becomes "weak, wobbling out of its polar home".

Thursday can be the coldest day in the Northeast, Pastelok said.

The potentially record-breaking low temperature forecast in Milwaukee is negative 28 degrees (negative 33 degrees Celsius), with a wind chill as low as negative 50 (negative 45 degrees Celsius). That will occur in the wake of the winter storm that may lay a swath of disruptive snow from the Midwest, Chicago included, to a part of the Northeast early next week.

Frigid temperatures were already affecting parts of northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.

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This magnitude of cold is extremely risky.

"However, below-normal conditions can still be anticipated in the Upper Midwest and Northeast", he said.

The polar vortexes, rotating counter-clockwise relative to the earth's orbit around the Sun around the planet's poles, help keep temperatures low in these regions. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is encouraging motorists to stay off the roads. He said city agencies are making sure homeless people are in shelters or offered space in warming buses. The largest public school districts in Wisconsin and Minnesota also were among those closed, including districts in Milwaukee and St. Paul. And while the northern half of the country will face the brunt of the changing weather patterns, even states as far south as Florida could notice a major chill.

He sees the Lima region's high temperatures on Wednesday being minus 7 degrees with a low being minus 22.

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Courthouses and most offices were closed in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Columbia and Washington counties, while more than three dozen flights were cancelled early Monday at the Milwaukee area's largest airport, Mitchell International Airport.

The system was set to extend from the Dakotas through New England, with Chicago expecting temperatures to plunge as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 Celsius) overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, the weather service said.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said that, potentially, "more than 6 inches of snow" could fall near Fargo, North Dakota; Minneapolis, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago and Detroit. The stadium said tours, the Lambeau Field Atrium and all its businesses, including the Packers Hall of Fame, were closed to visitors Monday.

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