'Red scarf' protesters march against 'yellow vest' violence

Act XI and the'yellow night: What the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ have planned for France on Saturday

Man arrested after alleged assault at yellow vest protest in Hamilton

Council of Europe commissioner Dunja Mijatovic revealed the move Monday morning when she wrote that she was on her way to Paris to discuss "Human rights issues related to the Yellow Vests movement" with the French interior minister and police representatives, among others. He told regional newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré that the yellow vest protesters are punishing citizens by making it hard to navigate the country.

The protests, which started over now abandoned rises in fuel tax, have grown into action against president Emmanuel Macron (below). Hundreds of people wearing red scarves marched through Paris on Sunday to protest violence unleashed during two months of anti-government demonstrations by the grassroots yellow vest movement.

Armoured vehicles circled the Arc de Triomphe monument as a group of protesters weaved down the elegant Champs-Elysees, the site of recent rioting.

Police are bracing for potential clashes as thousands of foulards rouges gather at 2 pm local time at the Place de la Nation in the capital's east.

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Now with a laundry list of demands - including the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron - the movement marked its 11th week of demonstrations over the weekend.

Such words will be of huge concern for Mr Macron, who on Thursday accused British politicians of "tearing society apart" by allowing a Brexit referendum in Britain.

It is unclear how long the movement can maintain its momentum. "When we don't declare our protests, we get tear-gassed", 43-year-old demonstrator Hafid Marrouch said at Republic square. I can no longer manage to survive.

Protesters wearing yellow vests react to the tear-gas canisters fired by police during a demonstration of the "yellow vests" movement in Nantes, France, January 26, 2019. Activist Giles Caron said of the deployment: "Their job was simply to threaten us with lethal weapons in a manner which is very troubling".

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One branch of the movement launched a bid this week for the European Parliament elections in May, but other protest leaders disagree with the idea.

For the first time on Saturday, riot police used controversial defence ball launchers (LBDs) that shoot 40-millimetre (1.6-inch) rubber and foam rounds were equipped with cameras.

In between the Saturday protests, yellow-vested crowds have occupied scattered roundabouts and tollbooths around France, disrupting traffic to express a sense of neglect by the central government.

"Macronistes" split The Red Scarves Facebook group was set up by John Christophe Werner in November, after the first Yellow Vest protests, and now has 21,000 followers.

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