At 'the Punxsutawney in Philadelphia,' Groundhog Day starts with beer for breakfast

Groundhog Club handler John Griffiths center holds Punxsutawney Phil the weather prognosticating groundhog during the 131st celebration of Groundhog Day on Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney

Will Winter End? Top Facts About Groundhog Day

The day derives from an old Germanic tale that each year a groundhog will poke its head up out of its den. If Phil had seen his shadow, some say that means six more weeks of winter.

Should he not see his shadow, we will have an early spring. The first official trek to Gobbler's Knob was made February 2, 1887.

When Willie came out this morning, he saw no shadow.

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The people who follow Phil's predictions are known as the "phaithful phollowers" and thousands watch the live broadcast of the event on television. However, if he didn't see it then an early spring (and warmer temperatures) were on the way. In one study done by the Washington Post, over a 30-year span, the groundhog (and his descendants) were technically correct more years than not, but it really depended on which part of the country was being examined.

As Phil Connors Jr., you grew up your father's shadow and are trapped in the small town of Punxsutawney.

NOAA has said that Punxsutawney Phil has "no predictive skill," and looking back at the past 10 years, Phil's been accurate about 40 percent of the time. According to LiveScience, multiple generations of Phils have predicted 103 forecasts of more winter and 17 early springs.

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The festivities have their origin in a German legend that says if a furry rodent casts a shadow on February 2, winter continues.

Other cities have their own groundhogs (such as New York's Staten Island Chuck) with varying levels of accuracy to their predictions. Groundhog Day is celebrated every February 2 across the U.S. at sunrise, which today is at 7.26am EST (12.26pm GMT). He doesn't take long to figure out his prediction though, so to avoid missing the special moment, make sure you tune into the ceremony beforehand.

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