Facebook Messenger gets one of the best features of WhatsApp

Facebook celebrates its 15th anniversary on February 4

Facebook celebrates its 15th anniversary on February 4

When contacted, Facebook representatives told us Australians should have access to the unsend button "over the next few days".

If you choose the "Remove for You" option, the message will only be deleted in your chat history.

"Messenger users typically delete messages for themselves within a minute of sending it, so Messenger's time limit of ten minutes should give people ample time to remove their message".

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The removed message will be replaced by a text that alerts everyone in the conversation that the message was removed.

Early previous year it was revealed that Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was apparently able to remove his sent messages, which caused pressure to make the feature available to all.

But it does let you erase any messages that may have typos, were sent to the wrong person or that you may regret after-the-fact. To do this, users need only to tap the message once and select "Remove for Everyone". You'll then be prompted to either "remove for everyone or "remove for you".

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Facebook has seen unprecedented success by amassing more than 2.3 billion people worldwide who actively use the social network to share updates, obtain information and connect with new people.

Facebook first rolled out the capacity to manage Messenger, Facebook and Instagram interactions in the Page Manager app back in 2016, with a unified notifications stream across the three apps.

But despite such scrutiny the company continues to grow - its latest financial results showed revenue up 30% and profits up 61% on this time previous year. American news organisation New York Times, took it to the next level by roasting Facebook, poking fun on the multi-million social media giant and its partly decorated and mostly criticised founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

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After its discovery, Facebook pledged to make a version of the feature available to all.

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