Apex Legends tops 10 million players, one million concurrent

Battlefield V Underperforms and EA Blames Single Player For It

EA is looking at mobile version of Apex Legends (and cross-platform support)

Following a surprise release, Respawn Entertainment celebrated 1 million players within the first day of launching its free-to-play Titanfall battle royale.

"We tested and tweaked". The CEO of Respawn revealed these record-breaking numbers in a blog-post while also thanking all the players. The surprise announcement and simultaneous release also seems to have done the trick, as it feels like everyone is talking about and play Apex Legends right now.

If you've made a decision to download the game then we've got you covered with some of the questions you may have. Ultimate, one of the most popular games of 2018, sold 3 million copies after 11 days, to Apex Legends' 10 million.

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"If you're having trouble seeing your friends online or sending invites on Origin, we're looking into it, and we'll let you know when we have more info", the EA Support message reads.

Coupled with its smooth, streamlined gunplay, unique Overwatch-like characters, and multi-faceted mechanics including an fantastic ping system, Apex Legends' free-to-play accessibility and silky FPS chaos is attracting enthusiast streamers and gamers alike.

This is just the beginning!

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As to the future of Apex Legends, Respawn's lead producer Drew McCoy said that plans of cross-platform play are already in the pipeline.

We really doubt a single player mode will be added on as the studio is apparently working on a new Titanfall title for later this year.

That's not an accident either, as publisher EA has purposefully courted major streamers such as Dr. Disrespect, Sacriel, TSM_Myth, and shroud with prize-funded competitions.

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It did take Fortnite two weeks to hit 10 million players, but then the game in general took several months before it became the pop culture phenomenon it is now.

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