U.S. seeks United Nations resolution calling for Venezuela polls

Venezuela's Supreme Court says Guaido's status invalid

Venezuela's Maduro launches large-scale war game amid crisis

The CBC's Adrienne Arsenault and Evan Dyer on the latest from Caracas.

Maduro has presided over a massive economic crisis, with inflation expected to reach 10 million per cent this year and large numbers of people suffering from acute shortages of food and medicine.

"I don't think there's a precedent for this", says Arsenault.

Tarre said that a process will be launched for selecting the members of an independent electoral authority, moving toward a new list of voters and creating a voting mechanism.

Maduro, who denies there is a crisis, denounces the aid as a US -orchestrated show and is blocking the entry of supplies.

Maduro has said that Guaido is trying to set up "a puppet government" in Venezuela. The U.S.is calling for elections in Venezuela and for worldwide aid deliveries to be allowed to enter the country.

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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was visiting Colombia, said in the city of Cartagena that Venezuela was on the verge of bankruptcy and that the supply situation of the population was "dramatically bad".

The announcement earned immediate praise from US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who hailed the Jewish state for "standing with the people of Venezuela and the forces of freedom and democracy".

"First, we want to reconstruct the electoral branch and an electoral mechanism that will be trustworthy, where not the slightest doubt exists that the will of the voters will be reflected in the results", he added.

The fate of tons of aid that has been piling up in Colombian collection centers at the border with Venezuela has become central to the power struggle between Guaido and Maduro, who is backed by the powerful armed forces. We do not now have any electoral mechanism that works because everything has been tarnished by fraud.

Speaking to AFP last week, Guaido refused to rule out eliciting foreign intervention.

The large-scale military exercise, which is being held in the country's 200-year history, will continue until February 15. Let it come, the convoy of money, it's our money.

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Two weeks ago, the regime loyalist-dominated Supreme Court barred him from leaving the country and froze his assets.

He has warned the military that it will be held responsible for any deaths among the protesters on Tuesday.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has reiterated his offer of good offices for a serious negotiation in Venezuela that benefits the people and helps to alleviate tensions that country is facing on Tuesday.

But Guaido on Sunday reiterated that he would not negotiate with Maduro - as he believes Maduro would use such talks to buy himself time.

Guaido has vowed that the opposition, which he has re-galvanized, will keep protesting in order to keep up pressure on Maduro to step down so new presidential elections can be held. Maduro accused them of bias.

Mr Guaido called the move "almost genocidal".

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