Huawei's foldable phone is called the Mate X, poster and specs leaks

5G foldable phone

Designer Imagines 'Folding iPhone X' in New Concept

Whereas the Galaxy Fold's Infinity Display folds inward, Huawei's device's screen folds outward. You end up with a 6.6-inch "main" display that sticks to the usual 19:5:9 aspect ratio (2480 x 1148 resolution) we've seen from full screen phones. Xiaomi have a tri-fold design with the outer edges folding back around on themselves. Samsung's inwards folding design here will be much less prone to scratches, however the Mate X will be a quite more fragile phone in this regard. We find it hard to imagine that Apple isn't, or hasn't already considered such a foldable phone but given the sheer number of projects Apple must kill yearly, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that it's been canned already.

Broadly speaking, the Mate X is an 8-inch tablet that folds in half to form a regular 6.6-inch smartphone.

While certain apps and types of content won't necessarily fill the screen - a problem especially for watching video on the device - some games seem as though they'll be modified to support the Galaxy Fold's unique aspect ratio.

You can also check out mockups of what the software experience will be like by visiting the Huawei Mate X's product page.

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Flip it over, however, and the second screen is particularly elongated; a 6.38in portion of the panel sits alongside the camera strip.

By holding its event ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the first time in a few years, Samsung ensured maximum hype surrounding the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

As for core hardware spec, the Huawei Mate X comes with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB storage drive. Today, with the pre-order option, they won't only be the first to own the latest member of the Galaxy S family, they will also benefit from its premium features and groundbreaking innovations in display, camera and performance.

Other key details include a 4,500 mAh battery (in two components split one into each "side" of the screen), and a 55W Super Charging system which can return 85% life to the phone after 30 minutes charging.

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According to Huawei's Richard Yu, Huawei engineers spent the better part of three years working on the Mate X's "Falcon Wing" hinge.

The Mate X will sell for 2,299 euros ($2,600) when it goes on sale by midyear.

This device is advertised as “the worlds thinnest foldable phone” - it is 11 mm thick when the Mate X is folded. Of course the speeds you'd get are wholly dependant on your network.

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