Lena Dunham defends Jordyn Woods amid cheating scandal

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Kardashians could slap Jordyn Woods with 7-figure bill if she violates NDA

The 47-year-old, who's extremely close to the former plus-size model's family, isn't interested in dragging the Kardashian-Jenner family nor exploiting Woods. I stayed in bed for days feeling hot shame. Actress Lena Dunham is not taking sides, but she certainly brings up a couple of valid points when coming to Woods defense. "Nobody slashed prices on my eyeliner brand or whatever", she added. "The legal going on TV age should be 26". "Your one stupid weekend, you just demolish a relationship".

It has been reported that although she has blamed the incident on being drunk, nobody in the Kardashian family believes her story because she was able to drive home at 7am. I love and respect them.

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A new teaser trailer for Keeping Up with Kardashians and it looks like Tristan Thompson's cheating might be a big focus. "It's just A LOT of media attention on a very young girl's sexual choices, and my heart aches when I see that", Dunham responded to the fans accusations.

Kardashian, who hasn't been vocal as such but has definitely been sharing her emotions online, has been spotted by keened-eyed Twitter users liking particular tweets regarding the matter of the Woods-Thompson affair.

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Sources familiar with the NDA confirmed to TMZ she signed the agreement which prohibits her from disclosing details about the lives of the Kardashian clan.

Khloe Kardashian and Thompson almost called it quits a year ago after the Cleveland Cavaliers player made headlines in April for his alleged infidelity while the reality star was pregnant with their first child. "You ever notice people would rather stop speaking to you instead of apologizing when they're wrong", the first message read, followed by an even shadier one: "Remember: they cheated because they wanted to, they lied because they could, and now they're sorry they got caught". I've been reading your kind words and they really are a blessing to me. Please help me unfold what you are trying to teach me in this storm.

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