New Trailer Released for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Sophie Turner Dark Phoenix

New Dark Phoenix trailer turns Jean Grey into an unwilling killer

Dead Avengers were not in the Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame trailers. But perhaps most importantly, he discussed whether or not this is the end of the X-Men franchise as we know it. So defying that is like flipping the world upside down.

Towards the end of the Dark Phoenix trailer, though, we see them held captive on a train by heavily-armed soldiers - a clear sign of the resurgence of mutant panic.

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Twentieth Century Fox has released a full trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. That kind of inner turmoil lights up a primal rage deep within Jean, a towering storm that sees her lash out against the X-Men team in a way she never thought imaginable. They're not really selling why we should care about this, the last X-movie before Disney takes over.

It wouldn't even be the first reboot of sorts within the line, as "X-Men: First Class" introduced this parallel trajectory the characters find themselves on now. Or you can react to the post down below! Kevin Feige and the Russos said there was a major event right at the start of the movie that established that this was unlike any MCU movie to date and that Thanos was indeed the threat he appeared to be.

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Why? Because it's not necessary. But naturally, he isn't saying who. And there's a reason Fox and Kinberg have chosen to do it.

Warning: Spoilers for "Dark Phoenix" below! Between their habit of cutting around any potentially plotty scenes and a standardized edit template, Marvel trailers can be very same-y, a bit boring even, and definitely withholding the good stuff. So some drastic marketing techniques were necessary. According to Kinberg, he was aware of the similarities but they weren't intended as a throwback. The fact that they chose to show it in a trailer, however, is pretty surprising. Once Disney takes possession of Fox-expected to happen in June-this whole thing is getting shut down anyway. After the character is killed off, the existing X-Men fracture into two groups: One that wants to kill Jean, led by Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and one that wants to save her from herself, led by Charles Xavier (James MacAvoy). "Maybe kill some. It's an intense movie, but we had fun", she said.

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