Global surge in measles poses serious threat to children

Twelve Waikato people have caught measles so far in 2019

GILLIAN FLACCUS APTwelve Waikato people have caught measles so far in 2019

"For this reason, DOH must take this drastic step to require unvaccinated children to be excluded from school until they receive the required vaccinations or the crisis has passed". Vaccines work. They are proven to keep people safe. This is despite there being a vaccine for measles readily available in most countries, which is cheap and effective. And somestates would remove the exemption for all vaccines. NY state saw 170 cases of measles from September 2018 to January of this year.

They recommend that anyone born between 1957 and the early 1970's get re-vaccinated if traveling overseas, or to a part of the USA that has seen a recent measles outbreak - including New York, Texas, Washington, and IL.

As of February 27, there were 139 confirmed cases of measles in Rockland County, and 81.5 percent of those patients had zero measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccinations, the nearby NY county reported.

The severity of measles varies from case to case, says Robert Murphy, MD, professor of medicine at Northwestern University.

The virus is highly contagious, airborne and easily spreads. It can live in the air for up to two hours after someone infected coughs or sneezes.

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Most cases in Washington are young children under age 10 who were not vaccinated.

The MHD has also tapped the assistance of the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) to vaccinate all patients within the vulnerable age group who are admitted or come in for a consultation.

The proposal would also stop the Texas Department of State Health Services from tracking vaccine exemptions. "As a result, people may have been vaccinated, but they may not have immunity", he told WJW.

House Bill 1490 was filed by Representative Matt Krause, who represents parts of Fort Worth, and it would change several things about how people file vaccine exemptions.

Nationally, the United States has high measles vaccination coverage.

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The disease was declared eliminated in the 2000, which means it was not being spread domestically. The states reporting outbreaks include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Measles starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat". "They are best protected by vaccinating those around them who can be". "We need to support additional research into vaccine safety to further increase consumer confidence in these vaccines".

NEIGHMOND: Typically, Mello says, parents say they embrace a natural way of living, and that the body can do its own fighting against disease.

DIANE PETERSON: It is not like a common cold. Infants, immunocompromised people and the unvaccinated are therefore most susceptible to catching measles, mumps or rubella. "Measles is a serious, highly contagious and potentially deadly infection".

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"Vaccinating children is one of the most basic ways a parent can protect their child's health", said Councilman Chaim Deutsch (Brighton Beach, Marine Park, Midwood).

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