How to unlock Facebook Messenger's hidden 'Dark Mode'

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Here’s how to enable the so-called dark mode in the Facebook Messenger app on both Android and iOS

As you may have heard that the Messenger's dark mode was made available to select users in certain countries earlier this year as part of the feature's beta testing phase.

After that, you'll see an animation of a bunch of moons falling down from the top of the app, together with the query to enable the dark mode option in the app's settings.

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As of now, if you still haven't received a pop-up notification, you must tap on the moon emoji in order to enable access to Dark Mode.

As we are anticipating a release of system-wide dark mode for iPhone with iOS 13, app developers are already incorporating this feature in their apps.

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To enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger on Android, users must send the yellow crescent moon emoji to somebody (seriously). Your screen will then be showered with cute little moons.

This will unlock the secret setting, and prompt you to turn it on. The feature would help users avoid certain targeted ads on the Facebook platform, but it never ... I unlocked the mode by messaging a spammy Facebook bot. Here, simply toggle the Dark Mode switch to On, and you're good to go! In fact, you can even send it to yourself if you want to.

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