WWE Star Challenges "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson To A Match

Why 'Captain Marvel' Matters

Review: 'Captain Marvel' gets an average introduction

WWE Superstar Nia Jax recently interviewed "Captain Marvel" star Brie Larson to promote the upcoming superhero film.

Wisely, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (who co-directed 2015's Sundance darling Mississippi Grind) hastily whisk Carol to Earth (circa 1995) where she can find more entertaining people to hang out with. "I believe the strongest costumes come from the background and personality of the character wearing them", he says.

"I like how much it takes from my version and Kris Anka's tweaks from his time on the book and I sometimes wish the costumes in the movies were a little brighter". In this industry, people especially like to target movies that certain demographics see themselves reflected in, because they deem them "too PC" (whatever that means). Because we definitely weren't watching the same movie. The bed was the kind that you pull down out of the wall.

Sarah's review of Captain Marvel will go up tomorrow. I never would have thought that was like a possibility for me. "Captain Marvel" does offer some teasers, particularly in one of the film's two post-credits scenes.

Initial reviews of Captain Marvel have been somewhat mixed - it has received few truly bad reviews, but several highlight flaws in the film. "So I think they're just looking for technological literacy". And for the Oscar-winning actress, it is important that her red carpet wardrobe conveys a message of female empowerment, a theme which is celebrated in her role as Carol Danvers in the latest Marvel Comics film.

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"But wait", you say. "My reasons are legitimate!" I know this is something you campaigned on.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Is it necessary for you, a perfectly sensible Marvel fan with no deep-seated misogynistic views, to add your voice to a crowd of trolls? "I'm introverted, and for me having something that makes me feel good in these very public moments is imperative", she said. The film opens in Hong Kong on Wednesday March 6, and the United States on March 8. There's a nuance between these women that is different than from how men communicate in new partnerships. She's inspired by the women around her and not afraid or sheltered. But if this movie doesn't tug at your heartstrings quite like it does for your female friends, maybe that's okay.

The exteriors were so convincing that locals drove up, unaware the mall was just a movie set and they wouldn't be able to rent a copy of "Speed".

Don't worry, we'll know if the movie isn't good.

. We gotta do better'.

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Dressed for work in a hi-tech bodysuit and sporting hair with bounce - she might look like a typical, nearly banal Marvel heroine without much of an inner life (Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow comes to mind), but it's immediately clear she has much more to offer.

And please don't misunderstand me - I'm not asking you to sit down and shut up.

"I made stuff up". We are all obviously entitled to our opinions.

So what might Captain Marvel indicate about the present - and future - of women in film?

"Captain Marvel" also became the first MCU film to be composed by a woman, the Turkish-American composer Pinar Toprak.

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Thanks for reading this. But despite the online hate, Captain Marvel is as amusing, slick and occasionally convoluted as the studio's best.

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