Annette Bening's Role in 'Captain Marvel' Was Originally Written for a Man

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Jackson says "Captain Marvel" showed everyone why Captain Marvel didn't appear in "Avengers: Infinity War". Captain Marvel, initially referred to as Vers, is a novice soldier being trained by her mentor, Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law in the creepiest contact lenses since the "Twilight" movies.

They are, however, joined by Captain Marvel, a big development since Avengers: Infinity War but not so big if you have already seen the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene.

Whether you are a casual movie goer or deeply involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fandom, you are probably aware that Marvel's first female-led movie, Captain Marvel, is now in theatres.

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I love Goose. I'm a sucker for cats. "That's the only time I get to be like, 'oh, you feel the same way I do'". Thankfully, Marvel finally pulled the trigger by giving the fans what they want in Captain Marvel.

Jackson said the aftermath of "Infinity War", which includes Thanos (Josh Brolin) wiping out half of the population, warrants Captain Marvel's return to Earth. But the scene also takes place before Tony Stark and Nebula park the Benatar on Earth.

The projections follow an impressive $20.7 million take from Thursday night previews, the 18th-highest preview number of all time and the fifth-biggest for a Marvel title, behind only the second and third "Avengers", "Black Panther", and "Captain America: Civil War".

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In Captain Marvel, we learn how Samuel L. Jackson's character Nick Fury first meets up with Carol Danvers in the mid-1990s. In the latest scene to hit the internet, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and Talos are in the midst of an epic battle.

Larson arrived at Good Morning America on Wednesday donning a bright blue Derek Lam 10 Crosby suit that reminded me of a costume from a Wes Anderson film-something about the saturated blue mixed with black and red piping. They agree to reboot the device. I would see my friends on the weekend and they would ask me why are you so exhausted? By the end of her intense 9-month training schedule, the actress was able to deadlift well over 225 pounds, which is impressive for someone who considered herself pretty weak by most people's standards.

The injury Fury suffered in Captain Marvel that left him without one of his eyes is evidence of him trusting someone and it coming back to very literally hurt him - and it connects to the only explicit statement Fury has given about his eye in the MCU thus far. Fury and Maria - and the people watching Captain Marvel - assume that the scratch is nothing major, but the injury only gets worse as the film wraps up. She seems to have not aged a day, though it's unclear why. In comes Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), and rookie S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson to save the day. She actually has an inner glow, bright light shining out from her hands.

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As for why Feige made a decision to entrust the duo, who had, up until that point, only crafted much more intimate, small-scale fare like Half Nelson, It's Kind of a Funny Story, and episodes of The Affair, with bringing the story of the MCU's most powerful superhero to the big screen, he told Vulture that May.

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