A Modern Museum Teaches the Traditional Lessons of Filial Piety

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Img Credit: dailymail.co.uk
Img Credit: dailymail.co.uk

A museum in China’s Sichuan province has been created to reinforce one of Confucius’s core values and to teach current and future generations the true meaning and virtue of filial piety.  The Modern Filial Piety Culture museum dedicates itself to the topic of filial piety and provides visitors with examples of devotion and sacrifice involved in the act of filial piety.

Several exhibits portray the practice of filial roles.

One exhibit includes a carriage which two sons pulling their mother in a carriage. They walked through over 600 towns and cities across China to fulfil her dying wish to travel. They wore out 12 pairs of shoes in the process and some of these shoes are on display beside the carriage.

With the one-child policy in place, the responsibility of filial piety usually falls on a single offspring. The museum hopes that the examples they provide will inspire the younger generation to perform filial acts even better.

“They may feel guilty that they don’t care enough for their parents and return home to wash their parents’ feet. That’s the kind of result we are hoping for, said Museum founder Liao Lin. ”

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