“Happiness will not just fall from heaven” – Xi Jinping’s New Year Message

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In his New Year’s Eve address welcoming 2016, China’s president said great achievements were reached in 2015 but there was still much to do.

“Happiness will not just fall from heaven,” said President Xi Jinping. “We must empower ourselves with strong faith and confidence, continue to work hard, to seek innovative, coordinated and green development that is also open and shared by all”.

Central to the speech of the president has been the goal of improving the “health” of the earth, “our home” as President Xi called it. He also spoke of the poor and people at the margins of society, inviting everyone to act towards them with “warmth of heart”,  saying that it remains his priority and moral obligation to help the “tens of millions of rural populations out of poverty and to lead them to a decent life”.

Xi Jinping delivering his New Year's Speech.jpg
Xi Jinping delivering his New Year’s Speech on December 31st 2015. Retrieved here

Has Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party taken inspiration once again from these words of Confucius?

 “The determined scholar and the man of virtue will not seek to live at the expense of humanity. They will even sacrifice their lives to preserve their humanity.” Analects – XV.8

Read the full transcript of the speech.

Alternatively, watch the video with English subtitles.


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